Website Designing And Development


Website Design is just one half of the process however – the other half is website development, which will differ greatly depending on what functions you need your website to achieve. Whether you are a small business or a large corporate, our web design company can help you to achieve an online presence that delivers the very best for you and your clients. “Brochure” websites for example, are generally small, static websites, which do not need to be updated regularly with new information. We offer a comprehensive service from the basics like domain registration and hosting to the design of logos, sourcing of photographic images and programming unlike many of our competitors everything is handled in-house. For your peace of mind all web sites are made available to view online during our production process allowing clients to view progress and to give us feedback reports.




 Website Pages 


The Start-Up Package includes 1 to 5 pages, the Business Package includes 5 to 10 pages and the Professional Package includes 10-20 pages. Start-Up websites usually have the first page (Often called the Home Page) their logo, a high quality image or Animated Slide Show Banner and some wording describing who they are and what they do. A second page detailing the services or products they provide. Their contact details, an enquiry form. Customers opting for a Business or Professional website with five or more pages usually have a Home Page containing a brief introduction of the services or products they provide, a second About Us Page providing wording describing who they are, a third page detailing the services or products they provide and a Contact Page with enquiry foam. Additional pages normally contain testimonials, images gallery, and portfolios. When we design and build website pages we include a maximum of 1,000 words per page. For search engine optimization Purposes we actually recommend our clients using between 300 and 700 words per page. 




Custom Website Design 


Every website we design for our clients is unique and customised to their exact requirements. We take into account existing logo colors, style and branding as required by clients. If we design a logo as part of your website package then again, styles and colors’ will merge in throughout all of the website design and layout. At the same time, when designing your website we take into account your requirements for layout and colors’. We work with you to ensure that those requirements will work effectively and efficiently that the website we design and develop for you will produce results. Many of our clients rely on our years of experience and expertise to decide for them and design and build their website based on our understanding of who they are and what they do.



Content Writing 



Our expert will do the content writing solutions allow you to focus on what you do – saving your time and money for all of the pages on your website. We provide you with relevant content that:
• Improves your website.
• Enhances your seo.
• Our content specialist will liaise with you to complete your content and go live with your website.
• Reduces your time in development waiting for your website to go live.
Gone are the days when you used to have to pay to make minor amends.
Search Engine Friendlier Web Design / URL There is no point in having a fantastic website if no one can find your product or services you offered. All of the websites we build are designed to be search engine friendly with tidy and structured layouts, navigated and clean. Search engines not only see content in order to list pages, they also need to see links in order to find the content. We make sure that every website has a search engine friendly link structure – one that lets the search engines browse the pathways of a website. This is vital approach in order for the search engines to find all of the pages on a website.



Logo Design 



If you do not have a logo we will design one for you. All logos’ we design take into account that they will be used on website and need to be viewed on a range of devices including tablets, laptops and mobile phones. Professional Photography Good high quality images can make a massive difference to a website. We include a high quality professional image you can of course provide your own images for every page we build, in addition to providing the images required for an animated image slide show banner on the home page.. Animated Slide Show Banner As part of the home page design we include an animated slide show banner. We create a banner / image area and add up to four professional images or photographs which fade in/out on the screen. If required for our client we also add relevant text onto each slide.



Enquiry Forms 



On the contact us page, or any other page if required, we integrate an enquiry form. You decide what information you need from your potential customers or clients and we build an enquiry form to match. When a visitor or clients to your website completes the form, the information they have entered is immediately emailed to you. The information can be sent to one or more email accounts and all form entries are stored within the website administration area.



Portfolio / Image Gallery 



If you need to display images of work edit, re-size and crop you have done for existing customers or clients we include an image gallery for you. All you need to do is send us the images and we do the rest. You can add, remove and update images when the website is live to ensure your website image gallery is always up to date.



Social Media Links 



We will integrate social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. on each page of your website and link them to your social media accounts.



Search Engine Optimisation 



All of the webpage’s built as parts of your website design are optimised for search engines. This allows the search engines to index the pages and when they appear on search engine results, the information displayed is relevant to the content on the website. Search Engines linking submission When your website live we incorporated Google Analytics Google webmaster tools. This allows to make the search aware of all the page on your website.



Domain Name (.com or 



We include a .com,, and .net etc. domain name of your choice and register the domain name in your name and address depending on availability. Professional Email Addresses As part of the hosting service we provide, when we register your domain name, we then setup and include up to one email accounts. This gives a more professional look to your business as the email account appear, for example, as instead of a free email account such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.



QR Code reader 



We all know that one of the keys to great SEO is making sure you keep your website updated, new and fresh. Whether you do this with a blog, or you change your homepage with new offers, coupons or new products, it serves to show Google that your site is “alive.” For many small businesses in particular, this is a real challenge. So you already have great, fresh content on your site—what’s next? Do you know what is coming that may benefit your small business? Have you heard of QR codes yet?


QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode). A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached.

Benefits of QR code 

• Cell phone read the code: its aneroid application search by any smart phones.
• Use QR code in search marketing: Scan pictures of QR codes from your camera roll.
• Seo advertisement: The search engines likely recognize the QR codes and possibly index the content in them.

12 Months Hosting


A great website deserves great website hosting. In addition to designing and building your website we also provide the required hosting which includes domain name, email facilities etc. Each and every website package includes 12 Months Hosting.